“Daughters are not less than sons in any way, daughters have contributed their equal in every field” - Yamini Swamy

Sep 14, 2022 - 16:34

This film will be a celebration of Girls across the Globe.

This film will change the mindset against birth of Girl child and will be a game changer for the Society. 

In our society, the concept of daughters has always been wrong, but daughters have also got their iron in every field like boxing or fighter plane, due to which the society has accepted daughters with pride. The film tells the story of a family that is financially weak, but there is a daughter in the house who has become the foundation of the family by reading and writing. The film is based on welcoming & celebrating the birth of a girl child, written & directed by newcomer Yamini Swami, and produced under the banner Sanatan World Projects Pvt Ltd Productions.

Yamini Swamy, the writer of this film, being a girl from the beginning, fell victim to the taunts of her family and the people around her. That is why he had decided from the beginning that society needs to be made aware about girls.
Yamini Swamy has been very creative and aware of women's equality and uplift since childhood. Her creativity towards women is known in these few lines which she wrote in childhood…
How to proceed in this universe? Whom will you call mother? Who will make it flow? Who will get Rakhi tied? These are the basic questions coming to the minds of common man.
What if there is a son, not a daughter, it is a matter of happiness… why does the needle stop?
Yamini says that she wrote a song, which was sung by Anoop Jalota ji. Inspired by this, I wrote the story of a daughter who did not have the shadow of a father on her head.
The basic concept of the movie is the family is financially weak, but the mother gave the daughter the same education and rights as the son. After which the daughter illuminated her family name.
Yamini Swami asks the society the question that daughters should be born in any section of the society. Why is society not able to accept it easily?
Yamini Swamy further states that when her sister was born, she went to the hospital where she saw that the laddus were being distributed on the birth of the boy, but the faces of everyone were cropped up when the daughters were born. Seeing all this was very sad because how important daughters are for the home and society.
Yamini Swamy expressed that she had a dream to make a film. But after listening to her song people appreciated her a lot. And she got inspiration from the feelings of common man.
Then she decided to make a film, because film is a medium through which she can convey her feelings to the majority of people. She said that it is necessary to bring the image of daughters to such a high level in the society that people should feel proud of being daughters and not depressed.
Yamini says that the film started in August, 2019 itself. But she never thought that she will act in the movie. But many eminent personalities including her family insisted her that she can easily connect with people by acting on this film. The film was shot in Ranchi, Mumbai and Delhi.
When asked why Ranchi was chosen for the shoot, she told that Ranchi is the place where the film making started and that there are many actors who could not get the stage to do something, they gave us the stage. 
She informed that she herself is the director, script writer of this film. The total budget of this movies is around 8-9 crores INR and completed by March, 2020. But due to the lockdown, the screening got delayed.
“Badhai Ho Beti Huee Hai “ also based on the ambitious scheme of Government of India “Educate the girl Child ,Save the girl child” (The beti bachao ,beti Padhao ) abhiyaan, Which is intended to generate massive awareness ,improvement of quality of welfare services for females and helping them access these services better. This movie is showcasing the journey of a female child who has been given equal opportunities same as men and she not only grabbed those opportunities but also made it big in male dominated streams making her parents and country proud. It's true that women on large extent don't face discrimination in society today; unfortunately many of them face exploitation, harassment which can be equally becoming a hurdle.

This Film is presented by ace film-maker, writer & director Pradeep Sarkar, who is popularly known for his masterpiece's in women centric films i.e Mardaani, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Parineeta , Helicopter Eela etc.

This Film will mark directorial & acting debut of fresh talent as Yamini Swami. She is the main protagonist paired alongside popular television actor Aryamann Seth making his debut in hindi films alongside eminent actress Jayaprada, Late Politician Amar Singh in the pivotal roles. Cast also includes Peeyush Suhaney, Kamal Mallick, Armaan Tahil, Jayant Mishra, Rajesh Khanna & Hariom Parashar etc in supporting roles.

The film follows Shakti Singh, the leading lady ,who was coincidentally born in a family where girl child's are considered as curse rather than blessings hence she was not welcomed at her birth still she managed to survive the patriarchal society and became the pride of nation setting examples for all other families.

It's proud moment in history of girl child through the upcoming movie "Badhai ho Beti Huee Hai".  It is all about journey of a girl who creates history in society. This film is a great example of gender equality. This film will also set a better example of Self empowerment and self independence of women.

Lead Actress of this film Yamini Swami played energetic and powerful role showcasing different phase of women. Even though it is her debut movie, she acted, directed and coordinated as an established film personality

This film will be a celebration of Girls across the globe.

This film will change the mindset against birth of girlchild and will be a game changer for the Society.

So let's celebrate birth of girl as festival and support them in various aspects of life after watching this film on theater

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