Real Super Women Award Poster Unveiled in Kolkata by Aarti Choudhary

May 25, 2023 - 11:34
Real Super Women Award Poster Unveiled in Kolkata by Aarti Choudhary
Real Super Women Award Poster Unveiled in Kolkata by Aarti Choudhary

The Real Super Woman Awards, a prestigious initiative aimed at recognizing and honoring the remarkable achievements of women in various fields, unveiled its official poster in Kolkata. Aarti Choudhary, a renowned writer and the recipient of the title in the Writer category for the Real Super Women Awards Season 4, proudly launched the poster during a recent event in the city.

The Real Super Woman Awards, organized by Forever Star India (FSIA), seeks to empower women by acknowledging their unique perspectives, tireless efforts, and invaluable contributions to society. FSIA recognizes and celebrates the courage, strength, and dedication of women who have overcome diverse challenges while playing pivotal roles in the growth of their families and the nation as a whole. The FSIA Super Woman Award serves as a tribute to these exceptional individuals and their unwavering commitment.

The awards have created a remarkable platform to support and honor the endeavors of these extraordinary women. By shedding light on their sacrifices and celebrating their unwavering determination to achieve their goals, the Real Super Woman Awards inspire everyone to appreciate and recognize the significant contributions of these women.

The poster launch event witnessed the presence of distinguished personalities, including entrepreneurs, social activists, and community leaders. This gathering provided an excellent opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women who have made a profound impact on society. Aarti Choudhary, the esteemed launcher of the poster, expressed her wholehearted support for the initiative and commended FSIA for its commendable efforts in empowering women.

Nominations for the Real Super Woman Awards are now open, presenting an exceptional chance for women to showcase their accomplishments and gain recognition for their unwavering dedication and hard work. These awards serve as a vital step towards building a more inclusive and egalitarian society, where the achievements of women are celebrated and valued.

The Real Super Woman Awards, with the unveiling of its poster in Kolkata, continues to inspire and uplift women, amplifying their voices and highlighting their immense contributions to society. It is a resounding testament to the indomitable spirit of women and a celebration of their extraordinary achievements.