The Unconventional Fashion Journeys of Bollywood's Leading Gentlemen

These stars, beyond their on-screen brilliance, have become trendsetters, effortlessly blending charm with sartorial grace.

Jan 27, 2024 - 18:26
The Unconventional Fashion Journeys of Bollywood's Leading Gentlemen
The Unconventional Fashion Journeys of Bollywood's Leading Gentlemen

In the vibrant world of Bollywood, where glamour and style seamlessly blend, certain actors are making a lasting impact by reshaping the definition of masculinity through their unique fashion choices. Beyond their on-screen brilliance, these stars have become trendsetters, effortlessly marrying charm with sartorial grace.

Among them, actors like Ranveer Singh, Pulkit Samrat, Vijay Varma, Babil Khan, and Jim Sarbh stand out for fearlessly embracing fashion choices that defy stereotypes and redefine traditional masculinity.

  1. Ranveer Singh: Defying Fashion Conventions

Renowned for challenging conventional fashion norms, Ranveer Singh, the star of "Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani," consistently surprises and captivates audiences with his gender-fluid ensembles. His recent attire, featuring a man skirt paired with a shirt and boots, not only garnered admiration but also ignited crucial conversations about gender stereotypes in Indian fashion.

  1. Pulkit Samrat: Paving the Way in Unique Fashion

Pulkit Samrat, known for his bold color and print choices, consistently showcases his fashion prowess. The Fukrey actor recently turned heads with a striking Dubai anarkali look, solidifying his position as a trendsetter in the fashion scene. His innovative fashion ideas are not only appreciated by fans but also set new standards in the industry.

  1. Vijay Varma: A Sartorial Marvel with Versatility

Exhibiting both craftsmanship and style versatility, Vijay Varma, celebrated for his role in "Darlings," shattered stereotypes by donning a raven-black sari with a striking red pallu. Designed by Rimzim Dadu, Varma's gender-bending fashion statement, coupled with electric blue hair, stands as a true sartorial marvel.

  1. Jim Sarbh: Embracing Eclectic Style Fearlessly

Versatile actor Jim Sarbh boldly embraces eclectic style, as seen in his latest sherwani featuring sheer floral detailing. Beyond his stellar acting skills, Sarbh's sartorial choices challenge norms and redefine traditional masculinity, underscoring the power of genderless fashion.

  1. Babil Khan: Carving a Niche in Androgynous Fashion

Emerging in both the Indian film industry and the fashion space, Babil Khan showcases androgynous fashion with distinctive looks, such as the pink shirt and butterfly-printed pants. From gender-fluid fits to a colorful maxi dress with an Anarkali-style flair paired with sequinned black trousers, Khan consistently brings a fresh perspective to ethnic wear, establishing himself as a trailblazing trendsetter.